Finally!  A Wood Pellet Grill  that really does Smoke and Grill!


You can sear a steak or smoke a brisket!
 More taste than charcoal, easier than gas!

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The Timber Ridge pellet grill is a smoker and a grill. It is very easy to use.  Fill the hopper.  Push the On button, set the temp and forget. The convenience of gas with the taste of wood smoke.


Grill accessories include wood pellets in many flavors; accurate thermometers for food and grill; GrillGrates for better searing; grill lights for cooking when it's dark; mesh pans for easier and better cooking!


Fire pits and tables add style, elegance, warmth and interest to your outdoor space.  We have many styles to choose from in a wide range of prices. LP gas or wood fired.

  PelletGrillExpress is affiliated with Mosquito Central, a website with lots of information and products dedicated to mosquito and biting insect control.  Make your outdoor time safer and more enjoyable. carries products that make your outdoor life more enjoyable, including fire pits, mosquito control and the only wood pellet grill that has both direct and indirect heat. You can sear a steak or smoke a brisket.  Other wood pellet grills do not get hot enough to sear a steak. This one does (up to 600F!). You can now use one piece of equipment to do all of your outdoor cooking, with the taste of smoke from oak, mesquite, hickory, apple.  

All of this with the convenience of set and forget. Load the pellets of your choice, push the On button, set your temperature (5 degree increments from 170-500F) and put on the food.  The grill stays on at the temperature you set until you push the Shutdown button or it runs out of pellets (around 15 hours at 225F).  It holds 18 lbs. of pellets and burns at the rate of 50 minutes per lb. at 225F. 
  It is about as easy to operate as a gas stove, but with flavor. It has all of the benefits of charcoal without the need for flavoring chips. No charcoal to pour and monitor, no lighter, no chimney, no vent adjustment, no big cleanup. 

I believe that wood pellet grills will become the outdoor cooking standard. They are now used by many BBQ competition winners and with the grill added, can be the one outdoor cooking unit you need for home use.

We also carry products that make your outdoor life more enjoyable, including mosquito control, fire tables and pits.
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